Why is BuiltCold different to other cold storage companies?

BuiltCold Australia is able to provide the complete package of your project through a single point of contact. We provide innovative design with the practical aspect your project needs to achieve the required outcome.

Do I need to hire other trades?

While the majority of cold storage companies keep at least one aspect of the build in-house, we at BuiltCold have the ability to pick the right person/company for the specific task, maintaining a competitive price for all area’s encompassing the complete project. We can also accommodate your preferred contractors, keeping the people you trust on your project.

What areas do you service?

BuiltCold Australia has nationwide capacity. With headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria, we pride ourselves on being able to use local people on projects by using trusted subcontractors statewide. This allows us to keep the costs down while maintaining the high quality BuiltCold Australia delivers with the added bonus of having local people servicing your new equipment in the future.

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